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We’re a national pre-employment screening agency providing secure and easy-to-use online background checks to you. Learn more about how our secure background check process can help you bring the right people into your company or organization.

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Across the nation, our customers would agree that as Canada’s premier background check provider, we are dedicated to providing fast, secure results and a positive customer experience.

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Triton is your trusted partner when it comes to a variety of background checks that make your hiring process simple. We take the stress of making sure you have the right candidates in place off your shoulders. We’ve learned how to be an asset to your company by streamlining the hiring process and supplying pre-screening and background checks that are affordable and efficient.

Criminal Background Check

Making sure that any potential candidate has a clean record is a prerequisite to getting a good employee. We know exactly how to unearth that small percentage of applicants who have a criminal past. It’s a quick and easy way to save your self some legal hassles and other business issues down the road.

Remember, there are literally thousands of customers who have used our service and found it exceeded expectations.

Employment History Verifications

Making sure your candidates have the necessary background to become an integral part of your company is another service we provide. Employment history verifications speak to both the background and credibility of any applicant.

This is just another way we can help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

Education History Verifications

It’s important to find the very best applicants for the job. That means finding the ones with the correct attitude and education so that they can further themselves and make a mark within your firm. That’s why we supply industry leading education history verifications.

Our process makes all the difference because it’s efficient, affordable and geared to meet your specific needs.

Homeland Security Checks

Of course, these homeland security checks are about much more than just finding the right candidate for the job. Making sure that you’re not being the vehicle to allow someone with ties to a terrorist organization into the country is your civic duty.

Triton has a few big advantages when it comes to these homeland security checks — the biggest one being we have the fastest turnaround time in the industry. We pride ourselves on having a solution regardless of the size of organization you are. When it comes to something this important, you can rest assured that our team of experts pays attention to every detail that makes a big difference.

Our complete suite of background check services is unparalleled in the industry and the one that you can trust every time.

This is just another way we can help you separate the wheat from the chaff.


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